World of Monochrome — 2

Creative ChaCha
3 min readDec 5, 2020


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Painting”? This word is mostly associated with a colorful collage of objects. But let’s say if I decide to take away this essence, i.e Colours out of an Art. Would it still be as attractive?

In my practice, I’d say colors are always necessary to portray realism. But if we talk about Monochrome, it opens up a totally different dimension of understanding an Artwork. It narrows your imagination to a simple solid and void space, where you can only use two opposite colors to bring out the depth and realism of a picture. Your freedom of using different colors falls short, and you come to the most basic concept of positive and negative spaces of an image. Painting in black and white is great because it makes you concentrate on elements such as composition, value, lighting, and form. Take a LOOK at a collection of such artworks HERE.

But where do we draw the line between making a freestyle black and white sketch and a monochrome Graphic Art that can be printed?

Let’s take you through some basic pointers to keep in mind to make a classic Product Art.

1. Minimalism — The level of details creates a difference between a sketchy and a Graphic style of art. When we sketch in freehand movements, it creates multiple layers of lines. Though it obviously appeals more in a sketchy style of Art, a Graphic style demands the use of bold lines and a defined layer. It gives the boundaries of the object, which makes it easier to be defined as positive or negative spaces.

2. Geometry — A graphic style of art needs a definite sense of geometry to the composition. It eases the demarcation of a sense of boundary to the whole Art. As you can’t use different shades to fade the image away, it doesn’t appeal to our vision if it isn’t bound by geometry.

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Concept Art

About Product: The idea of this image started with artwork for Inktober 2019. Though I tried doing it in the monochrome style, I used more layers of details, which posed a problem in converting this into printable media. This artwork is about portraying the inner world of a musician, which resembles a dark atmosphere.

In the next stage, the world around the person is arranged into a better geometry. Notice here, how the style of the tree has changed to create a semi-circular boundary to the Artwork. I used stippling to make a gradient of the sky, without using a totally solid positive color.

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