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2 min readNov 8, 2020

World of Monochrome
A monochromatic scale can add a sense of timelessness and class to a piece of art. With no distraction of color, a black-and-white artwork showcases raw emotion. The emotion of a subject can immediately capture your attention and continue to hold it well after. These drawings work well as a contrast to any colored background.
Creative ChaCha is one such creative team, which looks into the simplicity of an Art rather than going with the trends of the multicolor world nowadays. We have worked on different mediums and styles, arriving on a gallery of variant Artworks. Take a LOOK!
How to SELL art?
In today’s world, where the commodity is much more important, it is rather difficult to sell Art, to say the least.
So, how to be creative, and also use it as a functional tool? We didn’t let go of our habit of making Art, rather we thought of ways so that art could be used in everyday life. And we had a simple answer to it too!
Printing them on things that could be used by people in their usual days.
Now with this, we had two points to address:
What would be the thing we print it on?
How does the artwork have to change to be adopted in a simple printing process?
As usage goes, printing on garments was the best option. Also, we have so many choices in designs, so why not keep them Monochrome and play with the styles of sketching instead? Hence, we had our two points to go ahead with.
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